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Friday, January 11, 2019

EUMIND – Learning for Life at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19)

EUMIND – Learning for Life
Exchange Programmes are an effective way to build bridges of understanding among students of different countries. Through International Exchange programmes, Witty International School encourages students to discover a new curriculum and ways of learning, ability to adapt, be part of a whole new world and experience, expose them to various cultural contexts and provide opportunities for social service. These Annual International Exchange Programmes have been central for making young people embrace other cultures and to promote liberal-mindedness. 
Witty International School through the Student Exchange Programme over the years has worked with schools which have aided our students to align educational beliefs and values. Eumind 2018-19 between Witty International School and RSG Broklede provided an opportunity to the students to bridge the gap between geographical regions and break cultural barriers.
16 Dutch students from Netherlands visited India, on the 5th of January 2019 in the first leg of the exchange programme.  This year’s exchange proved to be the most successful one thus far, in terms of educational value and level of understanding each other’s way of life. The combination of education, culture and entertainment was considered highly satisfactory to both students and teachers. They had interesting lessons on Yoga, Hindi, Art and Pottery. The entire week was well scheduled with activities, excursion and facilitated an experiential learning about Indian culture. During this programme, the students experienced several cultural and traditional events. The Wittians and Dutch students embarked on Mumbai Darshan to explore the most famous landmarks of this dream city which is a melting pot for various cultures. They visited Discovery of India where they were experienced the essence of unique exposition, covering every aspect of artistic, intellectual and philosophical attainment of India. Students learnt a lot about pottery, yoga, Indian dance and music.
Wittian families hosted the Dutch students in their homes for seven days and through this process, they honed their hospitality skills as well as learnt to cook Indian food without spice! In an attempt to give their guests a taste of Indian culture, they let them live the joy and terror of an auto ride, went shopping for traditional sarees and kurtas, showed them around Bombay and described the nitty-gritties of the Indian way of life. The visit was a rewarding experience as the students began their stay with spending quality time with the host families. The host families organised visits to various places which gave them an insight into the history and culture of India. The students were left spellbound by the beautiful architecture of India and were also allured by the bountiful nature.
The culmination of the exchange was through an Indo-Netherland Cultural Evening which included a medley of Hindi songs, a foot-tapping Bollywood dance performance. A musical recital by the Dutch students capturing special moments spent in India made everyone cry. The students, both Dutch and Indian, shared their experiences, which were heart-warming and clearly depicted the strong emotional bond connecting the two cultures.
Witty International School provides international learning opportunities to students to facilitate them to accept and understand the world that is a cauldron of composite cultures and community perspectives. It is through the International Exchange programmes that the School emboldens students to discover new ways of adaptability and learning to be able to be a part of the global world. These programmes provide students with an exposure to become aware of multi-faceted approaches to learning and living. Students develop adaptability to embrace foreign cultures and promote liberal-mindedness.
In all, the students assimilated a world of knowledge about India which not only left them mesmerized but also deeply inspired. The visit proved to be an enriching experience for everyone as they went back with memories to cherish.
The Principal, Mr Bijo Kurian, rightly enthused, “In this globalised era, people who are able to adjust to different environment, embrace changes and celebrate diversity are more capable of rising to the challenges ahead. As the Chinese saying goes, "You can learn more by travelling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books." The Exchange Programme allows students to travel and meet people from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, and develop a greater understanding of diversity in the process. They will also learn to cultivate positive relationships with others, appreciate a broader range of perspectives, and acquire the knowledge and skills for participating in our multicultural societies. And by applying what they have learnt, they can not only shape a better future for their own, but for the community, the country, and the world for all.”



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