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Monday, February 18, 2019

A Field Trip to Remember Industrial Visit- Navneet Printing Press Secondary Section Witty International School (18-19).

A Field Trip to Remember Industrial Visit- Navneet Printing Press

Students of all ages enjoy and benefit from outings, visits and field trips - the many and varied ways in which their education can be enhanced by seeing something new, by going somewhere different. At Witty International School students are encouraged to widen their horizons through a variety of activities and outings and these are different in purpose and in length. We are, one of the top International Schools in Mumbai is one among them which strives to make students conscious of the real world around. The school has always believed on the positive effects of live-learning.
The students of Grade VII went for an industrial visit to Navneet Printing press on the 9th of February, 2019.
The atmosphere was very noisy as the people entered into the premises, since the machines were working. Students were divided into groups. Each group was then guided by supervisors of the press. The supervisors explained how the raw paper was kept in huge reels and how automated machines were used to unload the paper from their positions. The students were also shown how actually the paper passed from one machine to another, how various colours were integrated and the files and the books getting ready within no time. They were also shown a documentary film on how Navneet evolved from a small factory with slow working machinery to the faster machineries. Thereafter students were shown how the books were spiral binded. At the end of the visit the students were happy to purchase books for themselves at discounted rates.
 It was a wonderful experience for all the students, understanding and learning about the nuances of how the books purchased are printed made all the students curious and gave them the insight of the manufacturing process. All the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this educational field trip.
It was an indeed a fun-filled experience and a day well spent.It was evident from their enthusiasm, Where the students enjoyed the trip and returned with quite a few valuable take aways.



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