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Monday, March 11, 2019

Field Trip to Super Market

Field Trip to Super Market
“Carrots, peas and broccoli
Vegetables are good for me,
For my snack and in my lunch,
Veggies sticks are great to munch.”

Fruits and vegetables are good source of necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre for ample nourishment of our children. On Monday i.e., 11 March, 2019 little toddlers of Nursery at Witty International School, Udaipur were taken for a Field Trip to Super Market at Big Bazar. As not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, but also provide students to take a break from their normal routine and experience more hands on learning.
Little Wittians had fun going through the aisles, pointing out and naming their favourite fruits. Children were super excited as they could identify the different fruits and vegetables on the display. They were told about various benefits and importance of eating them. They were also exposed to the concept of paying money at the cash counter how things are bought, billed and paid for.It was truly an educational hand on experience for the students.



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