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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fancy Dress - Pet Animals/Birds by Jr.KG Section (2018-19) , Witty World, Goregaon East

That I could get a pet one day.
                                                                            I gave her a kiss          
Then started making my list.
How about a kangaroo?
But only if she has room for two.
I'm sure I don't want a porcupine.
I would be saying "ouch" all the time.
An elephant would be fun as can be
If he doesn't sit on me.
I could get along with a pig just fine,
Rolling in mud all the time.
I gave my mom my list.
She bent down and gave me a kiss,
Put her hand to her heart,
And said a fish would be a good start.

   Fancy dress is an art of wearing an amusing or unusual costume as a part of a theme. Such extra-curricular activities help to grow the imagination of a child’s mind.
      On Wednesday, 6th March, 2019 the little Wittians of Junior KG, Witty World, Goregaon East, participated in a fancy dress activity. The theme for fancy dress was pet animals and birds. They happily enacted as pet animals and birds and enthusiastically spoke few lines about the pet animal or bird they were dressed as.
 The purpose of conducting this was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the children by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of their peers. It was a visual treat to see all the little kids dressed in wonderful costumes. It was a day filled with a lot of fun.



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