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Friday, April 26, 2019

Mother-Daughter Adolescence Programme at WIS, Udaipur

     Adolescent is one of the most important stages of life.
          WIS, Udaipur organised a Mother-Daughter Adolescence Programme and Boys Counselling session which aimed to help young Wittians of Grade VII & VIII to cope better with their emotions, understand problems and physical development.
          The sessions were facilitated by Ms Gangotri Rajput from Procter & Gamble for girls and by Dr Manu Sharma for boys. The main objective of this counselling was to guide young Wittians transitioning into adulthood and to understand mental and physical changes they undergo while transitioning and allow them to grow into healthy and sound-minded adults.
          This encouraged the students to voice their opinions and queries as it helped in instilling confidence in them to express their feelings & emotions freely and provide a rich understanding of the problems and difficulties they face so that they feel safe and good about themselves.



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