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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Show and Tell Activity of Sr.KG at Witty World, Udaipur

Winter oh winter,
So chilly it is.
Summer oh summer,
How hot you can be?
Rain oh rain,
It’s water everywhere.
How beautiful the Seasons are,
The wonders of nature you see.

On Wednesday, April 24,2019 children of Sr.KG at Witty World, Udaipur enthusiastically participated in the Show and Tell Activity based on the concept of Seasons. They pasted beautiful pictures of different seasons i.e. Winter, Summer and Monsoon in their scrapbook and tried to speak few lines on the same. With this activity children initiated to present themselves in front of their classmates and expressed their views. It was a good start for the kids to understand the concept in a more colorful and creative manner.



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