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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Summer Camp Day 4 at WIS Udaipur

Stories are such an amazing part of our lives from magical wands to witches & superheroes, they have them all. Stories help children to widen their vocabulary, enhances the level of empathy and refines understanding of the world.

Day 4 of summer camp at WIS, Udaipur, was a testimony into the imaginative world of the tiny tots where they moved hand in hand along with Goldilocks around the forest and met three bears. Role play enactment by teachers helped the children to improve their critical & analytical thinking. They excitedly prepared a bear toast for themselves. To boost their energy a race was organized and kids were rewarded with yummy jelly bears. The day  continued with reciting the action rhymes based on the story! Wow! What an exciting day the children had!



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