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Monday, June 24, 2019

Father's Day Celebration by Sr. KG. Section (2019-20) at Witty World, Bangur Nagar

I love my daddy
I love my daddy
I love my daddy
Yes I do.
Here’s a kiss and a hug for you
Thank you daddy for all you do.
Father’s Day is a day of appreciation for what fathers do in their children’s lives. Fathers often go unrecognized and so this day was a perfect time for our Wittians to show how much they care and respect the way their fathers have stepped into the role of being active co-parent.
This day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The hearts of our little Wittians were filled with love which was reflecting on through their smiles. Children were excited to come along with their fathers as they are generally accompanied by mothers in school for various things.
These memories were also captured through an art activity which was making a card for their fathers. We also had sandwich making activity which was enjoyed by both father and the child. The kids were then taken to the auditorium where they sung a melodious song for their fathers. They danced along with theirfathers and rocked the floor. The day ended well with smiles on father’s faces as they clicked photos with their babies at our astonishing photo booth. 



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