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Monday, June 24, 2019

Salad Decoration Activity by Grade I to Grade VI at Witty Kids, Chikoowadi (2019-20)

‘A day without a vegetable is a day without a shine’.

 Vegetables and health mutually complement each other and a well decorated plate of salad will become more than just a source of nutrients. Salad is an amazing treat to the taste buds, a quick and easy meal, a healthy option for any time of the day and perfect for summertime meals and cook-outs. It also keeps us fresh and healthy.
Children learn best by doing things themselves. With this objective ‘Salad decoration- activity’ was conducted for the students at Witty Kids to educate Wittians about the importance of vegetables in their regular diet. Students brought various veggies, fruits and sprouts that went into the making and decoration of the salad. The decorations not only revealed the creativity of the students but also made the salad look very appetizing. The students relished and enjoyed their bowl of salad. Enchanting smiles of the young chefs added colours to the whole activity. 



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