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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Sense Booth by Jr.KG Section at Witty World, Chikoowadi (2019-20)

5 Senses, 5 senses,
We have them
Seeing, Hearing, Touching
Tasting and Smelling
The little Wittians of Junior KG at Witty World Chikoowadi, did the recap of 5 senses on 28th June 2019, through “SENSETUTION” corners set up in different areas. All these areas focused on providing sensory experiences to all the children in a fun way. Sensory play focus on stimulating children’s sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.
At Witty World, children were provided with an opportunity to touch, feel, taste, hear, and smell through various activity corners set in different “Sense Booths”. There was display of various food items for kids to taste like honey, sugar water, salty water etc. In the Sense Booth for Sight, there were binoculars, camera, optical instruments as well as things that we see during day and night which children could relate to. In the Sense Booth for Hearing, there were various items kept for focussing on sound like Jaltarang, ghungaroo which exhibited different sounds and also children were given many musical instruments like drum, guitar and trumpets to play and experiment with.  Children were also made to walk on different textures like sand, water, cotton and so on.  Children experienced different textures and had hands on experience to feel various different textures like rough, smooth, hard etc. Different aromas attracted children in the Sense Booth meant for Smell, where they also got to experience pungent smell along with pleasant and unpleasant odours. Children were very excited when they heard different sounds, tasted different edible food items and felt different textures. They saw a variety of visual aids. Different aromas and odours pervading in the air made them aware of their sense of smell. Thus the recapitulation of all 5 senses was done in a unique way at Witty World.

 All children definitely had a “sensational” experience!!!



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