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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Teachers' Training by Heartfulness Education Trust (17.06.19 & 18.06.19)

We learn a lot from many sources like scriptures, spiritual lectures and modern books on spirituality. But as the lecture ends or we finish reading the book, we remain the same as before. Experience is the gold that backs the currency of knowledge. Without experience, all knowledge stays abstract and hollow. It is not yet ours.
This time the members of academic staff of Witty International School, Atun Road, Bhilwara got a wonderful opportunity to get training from the Heartfulness Education Trust members. The heartfulness trainer Mr Vishal told us that Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) was born from the vision that the most effective way of transforming society in a generation, is to provide teachers with the opportunities and tools for change, and to empower them so that they can transform their students.
The HET’s training for the staff members was for two days i.e. 17.06.19 and 18.06.19. Both the days turned extremely fruitful as the teachers were able to understand the need to live a balanced, purposeful, happy life through heart-based practices, they understood that such practices would contribute to sustainable school reform and community citizenship.
The training session taught a lot to everyone and helped to dive deep into the heart. Teachers very well experienced the unique benefits of yogic transmission in a guided session with the Heartfulness Trainer.



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