Witty World

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Field trip to electronic showroom by Sr.KG at Witty World, Udaipur

“T.V. , A.C, Fridge,
Are part of our life,
We need all of these, 
For a better strive.”

                  Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience.

On 31st  July 2019, Wittians of Sr.KG at Witty World, Udaipur were taken for a field trip to the ‘Reliance Digital Store’. The store exhibits a wide and latest collection of phenomenal electronics gadgets and household appliances such as, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines etc. Students were shown different electronic sections and were  introduced to various machines used at home in our daily life, along with their  importance and respective uses. Kids enjoyed watching various gadgets and home appliances and easily related them to their daily routine life. It was an educative and informative field trip.



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