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Monday, July 29, 2019

Guru Purnima Celebration at Witty Kids Chikoovadi(19-20)

“A Guru is a cascade of energy. You have to soak your spiritual seed in it. It shall sprout.”  

Special assembly by the students of Grade 2 & 3 was held at Witty Kids Chikuwadi to
celebrate Guru Purnima, a day that acknowledges the importance of teachers. On this day
the students felicitate their gurus or teachers for they are the ones who prepare them to take
on the onerous task of nation building. 
The assembly commenced with a short story depicting the gratitude of a student towards his
teacher. It was followed by a group dance on the shloka ‘Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu Guru
Devo Maheshwara.’ Students of grade 3 appreciated the role of teachers with a melodious
song. A short skit raising awareness and highlighting gender equality was presented
followed by the finale dance which left everyone mesmerised.
Teacher imparts the education hence the role of the teacher is of paramount importance
to present and future of a student. It was an enriching and thought-provoking assembly, not
just for the students but also for the teachers. The students took this opportunity to thank
their gurus and parents for their continuous and unconditional support and guidance. The
entire assembly echoed the age-old adage of paying respect to gurus and that the guru was
esteemed just next to God. The function concluded with gaiety all around



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