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Monday, August 12, 2019

Child Wellness Workshop for Grade VI, WIS Pawan Baug (19-20)

Witty International School believes education has a pivotal role in the  development of a student's personality, as good manners help them to reason, interact and study other cultures. It helps them to grow immensely in life.
In order to sensitize students , the school organized 'Social Etiquette and Table Manners' workshop for grade VI , which was conducted by Mrs. Ayesha Satish Villait, professional Trainer from Image Consulting Business India and  also a Professional Member of Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA) .
The workshop mainly aimed  at producing alumni with impeccable manners and knowledge of international courtesies, as it  focused on educating the students about the various aspects  like social skills, meeting and greeting, golden words, telephonic and  guest etiquette, introducing yourself and others and much more.
This session was quite interactive and participatory as Mrs Ayesha provided a significant learning to the students through her roles plays and stories. Later, the power point presentation was punctuated with question answer session. It  was a refreshing and new experience for the students, as  it changed their general perspective about fine living. All in one, the workshop was a success and left the students with the knowledge they would hold on to for the rest of their lives.
The principal, Bijo Kurian enthused, "Knowing and using proper etiquette regularly can help with confidence. If you are in the habit of using good manners all the time, you won't have to worry about whether or not you're doing or saying the right thing. It will come natural to you, and others will respect you more for it."



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