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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Health Check-up for Sr. KG Section (2019-20) at Witty World, Bangur Nagar

An apple a day, Keeps doctor away,

Can make all the illness from body flay.
Brushing teeth twice a day,
Says Germs, not to stay.
Eating vitamins A , each day,
Can make vision sharp and healthy,
As it’s a best dietary.

A health check-up is an important aspect for the proper growth and development of an individual. With further increase of stress in the lifestyle, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become an important criterion for the on-going school children; as children are more prone to wear and tear not just physically but also mentally.
So the Children of Witty World, Junior and Senior KG  Bangur nagar had a medical check-up  on 19th, 20th and 26st August, 2019. This program included overall check-up, of body, which includes ophthalmologists and dentist. Who gave  health education and importance of personal hygiene and awareness regarding cleanliness for the children. The benefit of this programe is that it inspires them for better health. In their day to day life.
It was indeed a wonderful experiential learning environment for the little ones.



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