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Friday, August 23, 2019

Janmashtami Celebrated by Grade I to Grade-VI at Witty Kids Chikoowadi

Hathi Ghoda PalkiJai Kanhaiya Laal ki

Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, pleasanter indeed than any happiness and joy is the company, is the power of the name of Krishna. Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with all fervor and heightened spirits throughout the country A major significance of Janmashtami is the victory of Good over Evil.
To understand the importance of Indian traditions, Janmashtami was celebrated at Witty Kids with mirth and joy. All children came dressed in traditional attire. Boys came dressed as ‘Krishna’ and girls as pretty ‘Radha’. Beautiful decorations were put up to make this event more cheerful and colourful.
The students of grade I conducted a special assembly. The assembly started with a speech throwing light on the festival of Janmashtami. A skit depicting the pranks of Krishna - breaking the matki of the Gopikas and stealing maakhan was enjoyed by all.  A mesmerizing dance performance raised the spirits high of this festivity. The highlight of the programme was the Dahi Handi performance by the little ones, marking the celebration of the festival.
The students of Grade II-VI had a lovely pot decoration activity. The celebration was truly entertaining and educating. Just like the life of Lord Krishna, the day was full of colours, music and enjoyment. 



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