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Monday, August 26, 2019

National Senior Citizen Day, "Love for Grandparents", Primary Section, WIS Pawan Baug (2019-20)

Roots that hold the family grounded!!!
The strength of a family lies in the bonding which exists in between the family members. Family tree starts with our grandparents who are like the roots of a big tree, gives stability to the family. While kids are the flowers who blossom on this family tree, they derive total energy from the root of the family tree.
Grandparents are a wealth of knowledge, experience and joy that give your child the opportunity for a unique relationship. They love their grandchildren the most and always strive to spend time with them. They are the playmates for their grandchildren as actors, teachers, friends and lot more to the kids. They have the added benefit of a ‘been there, done that’ experience where they have gone through it all before and learnt from their mistakes.
Students realized the prominence of senior citizens, we at WIS, Pawan Baug, celebrated Grandparents Day on 21st August, 2019. The smart Wittians made posters filled with love and emotions for their grandparents. Everyone was amazed to hear stories first-hand, discovering similar likes and dislikes or skills and abilities, to understand the kind of relationship children cherish for years to come.



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