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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Orange Day celebration at WIS, Udaipur

Orange Day 
O – R – A – N – G - E.
Orange is what that spells
Those o lanterns are always orange
Carrots are always orange
Oranges are always orange.

Colour it's one of the most noticable attributes of the world around us. For children, recognising colour is essential building block they will use for learning in all areas of their life.Colour can provide children with essential learning tools in life.

On Tuesday, 13th August, 2019 little Wittians of Nursery at Witty International School, Udaipur were introduced to Orange colour. Children were given a thorough understanding of the colour orange by showing them that how we get this secondary colour by mixing two primary colours red and yellow. Little ones came dressed in shades of vibrant orange colour. The classroom corner was also decorated with different orange coloured objects and pictures which helped children to recognize the colour orange. Learning at Witty is always so much fun.



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