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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Visit of Carpenter at WIS, Udaipur

I work with wood , at it, I am very good
A carpenter is what i am.
I make toys, for girls and boys,
Cupboards, tables, rocking chairs,
Doors, windows, floors and stairs.
Hammers and saws, chisels and awls
are some tools that I use.

Community helpers are very important part of our community. They provide us their services and help us in different types of works .Carpenters are the craftiest of all. They can carve anything out of wood. Door, windows, cabinets, toys, beds etc.
On 2nd August 2019, Wednesday as the part of the concept ”Jobs People Do” a carpenter visited the school and demonstrated his skills to the Jr. KG and Sr. KG children. The super curious children were really excited to watch his performance. The carpenter showcased a variety of tools to the them. He showed how saw is used to cut the wood into pieces. Sharp chisel and axe were also shown to them. He also demonstrated how wood can be made smooth with the help of a ‘plane’.
The children were very happy with this learning experience and thanked the carpenter.



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