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Thursday, September 26, 2019

ESPELLAR Competition conducted for Grade IV to VI at Witty International School, Borivali

Spelling is important as it helps in reading. Learning spellings does not involve rote memory but is a comprehensive learning process that allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of the word. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. It’s a good exercise for the mind as for learning spellings the child needs to learn a string of letters at a time, which is a good memory booster.

With the view to encourage students explore the English language, expand their vocabulary and improve their communication and comprehension skills one of the most enjoyable competition ESPELLAR was held on 26th September 2019 for students of grades IV – VI.

The finalists who were the top 6 scorers of the written round earnestly participated in the competition. Students were given proper instructions to play through each of the rounds.

It was a wonderful learning experience not only for the participants but also for their peers as when the participants were unable to give the correct answer, the question was passed onto the audience ensuring full participation of the students.

There will be victories, and of course there will be defeats. But to go into a competition, and emerge enriched by the experience proves to be of value for everyone. As the program unfolded, children realized the importance and need to keep working on their spellings and knew that reading and keeping an eye out for new words would help enhance this skill.



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