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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Introduction to Baker at WIS,udaipur

I wish I were a baker man,
To wear a cap of white,
An Apron wide around me tied,
My baking tins shining bright
Then I could frost a birthday cake,
And fill an apple pie,
Or make some tarts with jelly hearts,
And gingerbread light and dry.

A practical exposure to a live scenario always influences learning to a greater extent!
Keeping the theme of the month 'Community Helpers’, as part of this theme, on 3rd September 2019 children of Jr.KG section were introduced to the community helper – “Baker”. Children were shown different equipment used by bakers to dish out yummy cakes and breads. They also enjoyed making yummy no bake cookies mixing biscuits ,milkmaid and coco powder. It helped in a great experiential learning platform for children as they learnt that baking involves measuring, mixing and art as well !The activity session was energetic and children participated with enthusiasm. It helped in a great way for the children to understand about the concept ‘baker’ and how he functions as a community helper.



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