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Friday, October 11, 2019

Navratri Celebration at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (3.10.19)

Maa Ke Jyoti Se Noor Milta hai,
Sabke Dilo Ko Soorur Milta Hai,
Jo Bhi Jaata Hai Mata Ke Dwar
Usey Kuch Na Kuch Zaroor Milta Hai!!

The atrium of Witty International Atun road, Bhilwara underwent a beautiful transformation as it became adorned with vivid posters of  Maa Durga .

The director of the school,Mr Akin Choudhary and the principal of the school, Mrs Abha Mittal inaugurated the celebration by lightening of the lamp. The nine forms of Shakti or Goddess Durga were majestically depicted by the students of Grade 1 and 2. Our loquacious students of Grade 2 eloquently interpreted the Sanskrit word ‘Navaratri’ meaning Nine Nights around which the festival spins.

The positivity and energy exuberating out of the colourful costumes combined with the enthusiasm of dancing to the dandia folk songs made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful. This year to encourage pollution free “Ravan Dahan” Witty International did not burn effigy of Ravan, instead students were asked to eradicate evils which exits in society and  enormity from day to day life. 

At the end Principal,Mrs Abha Mittal highlighted the importance of purification of mind and victory of Good over Evil.



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