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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Vachan Prerna Divas celebrated by Grade I to Grade III at Witty International School Borivali

Technology and gadgets have almost taken over the habit of reading. Reading helps to develop the mind and imagination of a person. Birth anniversary of former President APJ Abdul Kalam is celebrated as Vachan  Prerna Divas. This day aims to cultivate reading habits in students.

At Witty Kids, a host of activities were planned for the day.  Students were engaged in reading, and reading related activities the whole day. Students brought their favourite story book to school and spoke a few words on it. They discussed books, writers and literary works. Different subject related classroom activities were conducted to motivate reading habits in students. A book exhibition where a variety of books were displayed and students were encouraged to read the books and share their experience with their friends. The students participated in the activities wholeheartedly. The entire day was thus spent on reading and creative activities that brought out the interest and love for reading among students and teachers.



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