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Monday, November 18, 2019

Edutainment event "Curriculum Comes Alive" held at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (Grade III to IX, 17.11.19)

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may
Remember, involve me and I learn”.
While teaching is a continuous process for teachers, studying is for the students. Over time there has been tendency that it gets monotonous and boring. So, there is need to wean off the boredom and come over as successful students and teachers. This calls for the activity based learning, which knocks out the conventional method of teaching.
Witty International school came alive when the citizens of Bhilwara swarmed the thematic transferred class rooms and corridors of the school on 17th November,2019.  Edutainment was not only amalgamation of learning with fun but fusion of science, social science, math and craft evinces. 
The Edutainment event “Curriculum Comes Alive” was inaugurated by the honourable collector of Bhilwara, Mr Rajendra Bhatt. He accompanied by the members of school management committee visited each and every section of the exhibition and appreciated the wonderful creations of the students. He lauded the school for its efforts for bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of Social science, Science, technology and engineering.
Sunday became more informative not only for children but for the parents too when science and social science were discovered in the form of much loved games.
History came alive when the models of Jhansi ki Rani, Akbar, Mahatma Gandhi, early man, villagers walked the corridors of the school with much pride and enthusiasm. The projects and models exhibited were related to the field of social studies, encompassing the subjects History, Civics, and Geography. A Chronicle Trot through the history section was equivalent to a walk through time. There were models and charts depicting life right from the Stone Age to the Ages of Communication and Information Technology. One could find various beautiful and intricate models such as Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, small scale industries, court and various houses of Parliament. Some of the models showcased the Earth’s structure, while others focused on the topographical features of our planet.
The fun in science was revealed to all intriguing eyes in enchanting rooms prepared by our students. There they showcased various interesting experiments using easily available chemicals with the most magical results. The young Einsteins had playfully explained various profound concepts such as how electricity and sugars can alter plant growth, thereby helping in agriculture. Multifarious models like that of  hydraulic lift, candyfloss machine, automatic dustbin, lemon battery laser light security system , air cooler , smoke absorber, Newton disk , magnetic power generator, rope way were captivating and raised one’s curiosity. The different charts, models, and diagrams describing various flora and fauna were beautifully done by the students.
Mathematical concepts like the divisibility rule, probability and geometry etc. were explained with the aid of the most fascinating models. Fun activities like the Math o- Network made one see the math in games or the games in math.
The entrance plaza had an exquisite look and was adorned with beautiful Art & Craft exhibits. Name of craft exhibition showcased the efforts of students from Grade 3 to 9. It gave an opportunity to growing young artists to display their creative talents and develop a humane outlook. Students' handicraft skills were displayed via handbags, folders and coloured pots and stupendous collage work stunned everyone around.
With an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among budding young scientist, the Artificial Intelligence was one of its kind where Alexa with smart light control, holographic display Google AI projects, google lens and future of artificial intelligence were indeed an eye openers.
Parents as well as teachers were amazed to see how our students could easily explain to an inquisitive mind the functioning of realistic models of our world and the world beyond. No nook and corner of the class room was left unnoticed.
This endeavour not only provided the students with a platform to exhibit their innovations but dreams hiding in their consciousness thus proving that education is the blood of the future.
In the end parents and the students went away with an understanding and new approach towards the activity based learning in conducive environment and the holistic development of the child in this contemporary world.



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