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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Annual Day (Grade II to IX) "Once Upon A Time" held at WIS ,Atun Road ,Bhilwara (2019-20)

No education can be complete without the arts and creativity playing a central role in a child’s life’
“How could you live and have no story to tell?”  While marketing is no longer about the stuff that we make, but about the stories we tell.  We all have stories to tell and so does Witty.

Once upon a time the earth knew the weight of armies on the move. And the armies of students and parents rounded up at Witty International School, Atun Road Bhilwara to witness the most awaited event of the year 3rd Annual Day. The city geared up its curious sights for something a bit more galvanic.
The crowd witnessed a beautifully transformed stage into castle where fairies wondered and Jin played tricks all the time. It was like travelling back in time.

And then the show commenced with thundering and lightening affects on theme “Once upon a time”…….

The Spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the witty ghost Betaal wove all the performances into a single thread.

The dance truly ranged across a broad gamut from the Indian legends like Kathputli, Yum Hai Hum, Vikram Betaal, Hanumaan Chaalisa, Katputli to the International folk tales of Mowgli, Lion King and Snow White amongst others which truly set the stage on fire.

While the Sea Pirates robbed the hearts of audience, the Jungle book dance by Grade 4 A told the evergreen tales and fables awakening the childhood memories.

A Jin and a fairy along with few family members and their children unfolded the Almanac of the school in the domains of academic achievements, cultural and international achievements in Witty News.
The highlights of the show were the shadow dances which refreshed our memories of one the most cherished Disney princesses – Cinderella.
A splendid blend of dances of drama was incorporated which showcase our fairy tales and fables making us believe that there is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams.
The Qawali by the students truly transported all to the world of magical dreams. The music rendered by the students in Witty band was hypnotizing and each beat played was flawless.
The Founder Dr. Raina Jain motivated and encouraged the students and parents with his words of zeal and enthusiasm. It was a memorable day for some of our students who had excelled in sports, music and fine arts at the State and the National level Competitions as they were felicitated and honored by the Founder, Dr. Raina Jain. She aptly said, “The Annual day bring a beautiful climax to the various enriching events held throughout the year. It is a ceremony to celebrate the culmination of a learning session. This year with our theme being ‘once Upon a Time – Magical Celebration’, we have transferred our vision of believing and fulfilling our dreams to our children. They are now empowered to present themselves to the world and attain all their dreams making them a reality.”
The chief guests Rajendra  ji Gokhru applauded the efforts put in by our students and motivated them for future endeavors.  
Principal Mrs Abha Mittal briefed the audience with the vision of the institution and intercultural learning programmes.
The best fireworks are always saved for last and that is its Grand Finale.  The errand brought unparalleled observations of fusion of different dances.   Our terpsichorean jiggled the entire stage and aisle encircled the entire ground .The nail-biting audience observed the entire event with great enthusiasm.



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