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Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Carnival at Witty World, Udaipur

'Why do the bells of Christmas ring?
Why do little children sing?
Once a lovely shining star,
Seen by shepherds from afar,
Gently moved until its light,
Made a manger’s cradle bright.
There a darling baby lay,
Pillowed soft upon the hay;
And its mother sung and smiled;
“This is Christ the holy child!”
Therefore bells for Christmas ring,
Therefore little children sing.
 “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in air.”'

Witty World School reverberated with the sound of Christmas carols, on Saturday 21st December, 2019 as little Wittians came dressed according to the theme along with their parents and buddies, all were geared up for a day of Christmas cheer and merriment!!! 
The children excitement knew no bounds as they played one minute games and participated in activities like Best out of waste and Fire less cooking based on the theme of ‘Christmas’. The day culminated with “Jingle Bells” carol where Santa Claus took up the charge of filling the entire crowd with joy and danced with everyone with great enthusiasm. Children had a blast taking pictures with Santa, and of course dancing on Christmas carols!!
Happiness was in the air while everyone wished each other Merry Christmas and goodbye wishing to meet again in the New and Prosperous Year.



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