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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sink and float activity by JrKG and Sr.KG section at Witty World, Udaipur

                Water! There's something about water that draws children into learning activity.

On December 17, 2019 our little Wittians of Jr.KG and Sr.KG at Witty World, Udaipur experimented "Sink and Float" Activity. Teacher placed the tray and asked children to search the objects for the activity. They searched many things such as blocks, pebbles, straws, leaves, feather, crayon, pencil etc. 
                     After encouraging them, each child were given turn to place an object into the water to determine whether it will Sink or Float. The children were definitely starting to see a connection between the air and whether or not an object sink or float! The vocabulary such as heavy and light was introduced with the concept. 
                 They started to show interest as they explored during thinking, learning and discovery time. These children had their first experience experimenting and learning about Density! 
                 They had amazing time with such an educational activity.



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