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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

71st Republic Day celebration and Opening Of Sports Carnival held at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (Grade I to IX, 26.01.2020)

“Sports do not build character.They reveal it”

The beautiful quote written above was enthusiastically demonstrated on the 71st Republic day of India, when the cold grounds of Witty warmed up with the bustling of our athletes.
The Synergy of sports carnival and 71st republic day could be well perceived on 26th January, 2020. The day incepted with the hoisting of the tricolour flag by honorable Chief Guest Mr Bhagchandji Chhabra (Director, RCM Group). The music band of the school played National anthem which reverberated everyone with the feelings of patriotism.
The cerulean sky brightened with the colourful dots with the release of ballons and the sports meet was declared. The entire school courtyard was in the shades of tricolour.
 Grandparents are the family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Republic day became memorable for our senior citizen when they were honoured by our bambinos.
The drumbeats rolled, the band stroke up and a high pitched voice issued a command. The synchronized swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet stirred the hearts of spectators.
Our cadets spelled out a comprehensive march past digging their heels to the ground laying emphasis on bearing, marching saluting and nevertheless co- ordination.
The four pillars of the Witty, the four houses: Captains of Emerald, Sapphire,Ruby and Topaz mounted their house flags symbolizing unity in diversity, symbolizing SYNERGY.
Next in queue was inspiring speeches marking the significance of occasion. The skit on social evils of today’s generation was an eye opener.The spectacular dance performances not only stole the hearts of everyone but boosted up the confidence of our young athletes.  The power and energy exhibited by youngsters arched their commitment and dedication and assured of a brighter future ahead.
The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath being administered by the chief guest.
The ground of Witty roared with hootings and cheers. Colourful banners and flags conveyed a message of true sportsmanship. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and vivacious races and drills. The proud grandparents could be seen filled with happiness to see their grandchild performing. Teachers also couldn’t keep themselves away from the fever of sports. They too had a gala time and contributed in raising the morale of the students. The Chief Guest awarded the medals and the certificates to the winners of the various races.
The Principal of the school, Mrs Abha Mittal in her speech exhorted to maintain the dignity of being a citizen of republic country. She underlined the importance of sports in a student’s life.
A vote of thanks was tabled by the anchors. Students and teachers dispersed with a pledge in heart to uphold the honour, integrity, dignity and uniqueness of our nation.



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