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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dramatisation of Market Place by Playgroup Section (2019-20), Witty World, Goregaon East

Fruit & vegetable seller,
Fruit & vegetable seller,
Came to my school – Came to my school,
To sell some fruits and veggies,
They came to my school – came to my school!

Dramatization is the most significant model and basic activity for learning. Keeping this in mind, the little ones of the Playgroup section, of Witty World, Goregaon (East) celebrated Fruit and Vegetable Day on Tuesday, 21st January, 2020 by a dramatization. The dramatization was organized as a practical experience to complement what was taught earlier to them. A set up of market scene was created in the outdoor area. Children were taken to the outdoor area where they were shown a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and were allowed to buy their one which gave them awareness about a market scenario. The little ones also learned more about the smell, color and texture of each fruit and vegetable. Children also learnt to use paper bags and were encouraged to say no to plastic bags.  The day was spent with great enthusiasm.



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