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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Medical Check Up at Witty World, Udaipur

‘The doctor in the clinic.
The doctor in the clinic.
Hi-ho the Derry-o,
The doctor in the clinic.
The doctor takes a nurse...
The nurse takes a patient...
The patient gets help...
The patient gets better...’

Medical check-up is an important aspect for the proper growth and development of an individual. The medical check-ups in schools are important as they help to:-
-Assess body development and growth.
-Check for any deformity and disease at an early stage.
-Immunizations and timely vaccinations.
- maintaining healthy lifestyle.
With further increase of stress in the lifestyle, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become an important criterion for the on-going school children; as children are more prone to wear and tear not just physically but  mentally too.
To serve this purpose, Witty World, Udaipur organized a Medical Health check-up on Tuesday, 28th January, 2020 for the children of Pre Primary.
A comprehensive medical check-up was conducted, by Dr. Devendra Sareen and his team, who carefully checked each and every child. 
The children were clearly instructed about the healthy eating habits and cleanliness. The Doctors shared important insights with the children regarding good hygiene, food, cleanliness, eating habits and sleeping habits. On completion of the check-up, children were given medical certificates. 
It was indeed a healthy session for our little Wittians. So we say, “Stay Happy, Stay Healthy our little Wittians!".



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