Witty World

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Enrichment Hour activity at WIS, Udaipur

Unfathomable minds, like vessels in the vast seas, set out onto their voyage, unfamiliar with the ways. The angelic beacon light steers them through until they discover a new shore.

Witty International School  Udaipur aims at creating an environment where students are raised while giving space to their critical and creative thinking.To enable students to evolve holistically , student friendly problem solving activities were devised wherein Wittians of Grade IV and V CBSE participated enthusiastically. Students are confronted with array of problems in every day life wherein they were given an opportunity to explicitly express these impediments or constraints they face in their daily routine by creating  “The Problem-Solving Box”. The students anonymously wrote  and submitted their problems in the box . Teacher took the role of a diagnostician and guided students with their problems in a flexible way, thus lending a real time fun filled impactful experience leading to an overall improvement in the persona of each and every student.



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