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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Field Trip to Supermarket by Nursery Section at Witty World, Bangur Nagar (2019-2020)

“To market, to market,
To buy a sweet fig,
Home again, Home again jiggity jig.
To market, to market,
To buy a sweet orange,
Home again, Home again jiggity jog,
To market, to market
To buy a plum ,
Home again, home again,
Now market is done.
Jiggity jig, jiggity jog. This is exactly how easy it has become to get the things that you need in your daily routine. All you have to do is just jog down the lane and lo! There’s a big shop that makes things magically appear that you need in your daily routine on their shelves. “The Supermarket” is a shared part of human experience in most modern societies Supermarket  have come to symbolize everyday life, ordinary and normal lifestyles. Nursery children had just learned fruits and vegetables. As a recap, Witty World Bangur Nagar took them to the nearby supermarket on Monday 10th February,2020. For kids a trip to the supermarket was an adventure and they sure did have fun there, going through all the aisles, pointing out their favourite fruit and vegetables. They were explained the importance of a supermarket.
Children had a gala time at the supermarket.



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