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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

French National Day -Bastille Day Celebrated by Secondary Section at WIS, Pawan Baug (2020-21)

“Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid” is a charming little phrase translated as, “Little by little, the bird makes its nest.” This proverb designates patience and perseverance, and great actions bring greater accomplishments, so was the Bastille Day acquired.  Time and again, Witty International School, PawanBaug, Malad (West) has taken efforts, and with a pronounced sense of triumph and achievement, has made its students understand that we belong to a greater world. Just like on earth no other city could be so beautiful as Paris nor other people with such an appreciation of the beautiful as the French, are the Wittians who take up each year French Day Celebration to discover the French lifestyle beyond the cliché.

 July 14, 1789, TheBastille day was recognized. On this day, Parisian mobs stormed and then tore down la Bastille, a stone prison, where the opponents of the Royalty were jailed, and best to remember was the fall of the absolute and out-of-touch monarchy with the beheading of King Louis XVI and his Queen Marie-Antoinette. Thanks to all the brave souls who took down Bastille many years ago to give us the taste of independence. What bore out! An Independent France much more than what meets the eye.

 To shed some light on both the history and in the almanac of our school, Grade  VI and VII Wittians, with great spirit and zeal, took up recitals and recitations of poems on France, to share and  experience  its  medieval cities, alpine villages, Mediterranean beaches, Paris, its capital, famed for its fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower, its  renowned wines and sophisticated cuisine, its Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theater and the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history. Much fun-filled was the time when grade VIII students sang Karaoke with the most popular hits of the golden age making the celebration a great success. Grade IGCSE I and IGCSE II rather took up French series to gather a better understanding of the daily lifestyle and expressions that the French may use whilst consolidating their vocabulary, to adapt better to the various speeds and accents that they may encounter. Bastille Day quiz! Test your French history, was a quiz taken up by all grades organized by Prayatna Educational Society.

 Bijo Kurian, Principal of the school quoted, “Our students and teachers are actively involved in the French day celebration. As a school, we always aim to promote international-mindedness amongst the students thereby making them global citizens and preparing them for a better future.”




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