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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Guru Purnima Celebrated by Secondary Section(IGCSE) at WIS, Pawan Baug (2020-21)

'To teachers, with love' 

Witty International School, Pawan Baug, bears a heart of Bharatiya Parampara that even during this difficult time, Wittians could not let go celebrating The Guru- shishya reeti, Guru Purnima, which is a day to pay remembrance to our gurus and to seek their blessings; Gurus who are our teachers, who take us out from our ignorance, enlighten our mind and soul. Blessed are those who have gurus.

A Guru walks and talks with his student, shares his pearls of wisdom, brightens his student’s life by  showering him with all the knowledge  and needless to say, without leaving its student’s finger till the eternity.

Sensitizing this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, students across all grades offered gratitude to their gurus. An activity of letter writing was taken up by each student for once to open up their feelings and to share publicly their sentiments. Some offered thankfulness and gratitude to their teachers, who teach them so many things to make them better human beings while others acknowledged great reverence and devotion to their parents, who inculcate good values in them and help them in blending with society; nonetheless, some showered great admiration and adoration for their spiritual gurus who reveal the true meaning of life to them. Some students even prepared special poems, speeches, made paper flowers, greeting cards, sung songs and danced on their favourite tunes to praise their teachers for their hard work and dedication towards the school and bringing the school to such a great height.

As quoted by Principal Bijo Kurian,''This Guru Purnima reflects on our life and we must honour the wisdom and true guidance given by our gurus, who help us to attain perfection in our skills. Our holy scriptures have placed the importance of Guru near to the Almighty.”



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