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Monday, July 6, 2020

Mesmerised in the magical world of 3D Art by Gr. VII Secondary Section at WIS, Pawan Baug (2020-21)

Art plays a vital role in human development and improving cognitive function as art education allows students to exercise their thinking in a unique way. Art also encourages children to be creative and innovative in their decision making.

 Art and creative skill-based education has always been and continues to be a mainstay of curricula around the year for Wittians.

 Witty International School believes in keeping the kids engaged even on weekends with constructive and novel activities to boost their Self- Esteem. An online fun-filled activity on 3D Art was conducted by the in house Art faculty, Mr. Sushant Panchal, for the young students of grade 7 on 4th of July.

 Mr.Sushant Panchal taught the students attention- grabbing techniques of this 3D Art form, which built the curiosity and interest of the budding artists to express themselves creatively.Every student was actively engaged, focused and involved in the activity. The session encouraged young learners to bring out their hidden artist/talents.

The hectic lifestyle significantly demands for some fascinating ways to relegate stress and this mesmerizing 3D Art session relaxed the stressful moods and minds of the students.

It was an enjoyable and an enthralling experience that rendered a sense of accomplishment and pride, as studentslearnt a new art form and createddistinctive drawings.



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