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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Story Telling workshop conducted at Witty International School, Borivali (2020-21)

Lit Carnival of Wild Life

Story telling is one of the most effective ways to communicate with children. In keeping up with this philosophy, Witty International School, Borivli organized a story telling session for students by popular Children’s Author, Katie Bagli. Katie has several published titles to her credit, nearly all of which are on various subjects of nature.

Students were introduced to mysterious and lovable creatures and how to live in harmony with nature. Excerpts from her books, “Mammals Mighty and Meek”, “Less known lovable” and “Mysterious Lovables” were read with creative gestures and facial expressions which kept the students interested and engrossed in the stories.

All the stories in “Mammals Mighty and Meek” were educative and had an interesting tid-bit articulated from the perspective of the creature itself as well as some amazing facts included.

The book “Less known Lovables” took a peek into the lives of those animals that are not so well known to most of us and endeavored through its stories, to bring before the readers their bizarre images and their strange ways.

This collection of short stories in “Mysterious Lovables” took the Wittians to worlds unknown – monsoon treks in the Western Ghats, the mountains of Ladakh  and the untouched, serene lakes in Manipur. Each story introduced children to a mysterious animal – Black Panther, King Cobra, Stargazer Fish, Giant Squids, and many more.

All the stories beautifully brought out the relationship between man and nature, and gently provoked the students to think about where we belong in the nature.




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