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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration, Primary Section (ICSE), WIS Pawan Baug (2020-2021)

 Ganesha – God of knowledge and remover of obstacles.

Festivals educate, bring people together and energise our body, mind and soul. Ganesh Chaturthi the most colourful of all the festivals and is celebrated with great fervor and joy.

Witty International School takes pride in celebrating this lovely festival along with the students of Grade 1 – 5 Pawan Baug (ICSE) to promote a future generation full of compassion, feeling of solidarity and unity. Wittians of Grade 1 & 2 created the festive atmosphere by getting dressed in vibrant ethnic attire. Colourful and decorative Ganesh idols out of organic play dough were made by the students of Grade 1-3 with the help of the teacher.

An Eco-Friendly Ganesha making workshop by artist Ms Mita Suraiya where students made idols using Shadu clay was a concrete step in the direction of sensitizing the students of Grade 4 & 5 towards an eco-friendly celebration. Wittians tapped on their creative skills and made some beautiful Ganesh idols.


Significance of the festival was explained, emphasizing on eco-friendly ways of celebrating the festival. The celebration imbibed in kids, the essence of being Indians and spreading the message of humanity, peace and unity above all.



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