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Friday, August 28, 2020

Workshop for The Journey Of Emotions for Primary Section Conducted at WIS PB (2020-21)

Our emotions are an incredibly powerful internal force and affect everything we do and the choices we make. To control our emotions, (not the other way around) we need to build a strong awareness of them as well as our own reactions and only then we can develop our resilience to whatever life throws at us. Keeping this in mind, Witty International School, PB, Primary Section took the initiative of organizing a workshop on ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ for the students of Grade 5 on Saturday 8th August, 2020. Our children got an opportunity to spend time with Ms. Arlene Rego, a Clinical Psychologist and Arts Based Therapy Practitioner who exposed them to different emotions that they experience in different situations. Students were guided on how to keep their mental wellbeing strong by doing any type of activity they like.

Students of Grade 3 and 4 showcased their “Skills explored during Lockdown”. Students expressed their lockdown learning to be very fruitful. Undoubtedly, staying at home for a long duration is a challenging task for many but there is a silver lining too. Wittians shared how they left no stone unturned in applying home economics into their daily lives. From rekindling an old hobby to picking up new skills, lockdown surely helped them to sharpen their skills. Indeed, this was a very productive session as students were also made to understand how empathy can be a tool to help navigate this eerie new normal.



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