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Monday, September 21, 2020

Club Meet Session 2 by Secondary Section, IGCSE at WIS PB (2020-21)


 The integration of study and fun-filled learning are the key elements in Witty International School, Pawan Baug, Malad (West). Despite academic education, every Saturday, club activities are wheeled to create an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a voluntary spirit. These club activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which they require in day to day life. Therefore, the school had the following activities in their sessions for the students to not only display their talent but also to enhance their potential.

 Literati - The Literary Arts Club had called for Mrs. Aparna Sharma, a master in English Communication. She, with her unbox English was not only able to boost the students’ self-confidence, but also made them understand how to fortify their grammar, widen their vocabulary, fuel their imagination and beautify their write-ups.

 Symphony - The Music Club went with the teaching of the basics of Pitch, Rhythm and Sound. These primary elements of musical sound on the scale, duration, volume, etc would improve the motor skills of the music makers.

Titans - Sports Club was sure to take up exercises to pick up varieties. Variety is the key to making gains in one's fitness- and losses on the scale!

ROFL - Comedy Club took up brief observations that had a setup and a punch line to trigger a physiological response - laughter. This was through different kinds of jokes and stand up comedies.

Picasso - Art Club sketched an Arachnid: A Spider. It’s beautiful yet simple and its incredible diagram made students flexible enough to adapt to any project or diagramming software.

Pixelate - Media Club encouraged students to learn the art of Macro Photography.

Lab Rats - Science Club showed a documentary and took up a quiz on the Evolutionary stories. These stories influence the behavior of those who hear and repeat it in a way that includes answering the questions of why and how.

Mathletes - Math Club cooperatively worked to complete math puzzles for better learning, enriched their skills with higher-order thinking, and prepared students for future Math Competitions.

Infinity - Dance Club choreographed daily life activities and twisters that have numerous physical, social and cognitive benefits. Twisters’ dancers can discover the world around them through movements and can dance by experimenting different ways to move their bodies.

Spotlight - Theatre Club called upon a Theatre Artist and Activist, Mrs. Kanupriya Pandit who gave tips on acting and theatre and conducted a few exercises, which would certainly make the students more confident in their acting.

Aawaz- Community of student advocates had invited a social activist, Mr. Karan Shah, who taught the students the need to be involved in society. The students were also taught how to make the most effective hand sanitizer at home. A sure saviour on cost in lockdown! 

Techtronix- Tech Club conducted a project on Scratch for their participants who would certainly develop 21st-century skills through the use of technology. 

At WIS clubs, students are nurtured and encouraged to develop an independent ideology, an optimistic approach, enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The faculty makes sincere efforts to motivate students to think critically, analyze a given situation according to the level of the student. WIS aims to provide students with a practical and realistic set of skills to increase their personal safety, confidence, and ability to communicate and how to assess and avoid potentially dangerous situations.



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