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Monday, September 7, 2020

'Club Orientation Session' for the students of grade V - XII (CBSE and CAIE) at WIS, Udaipur

 With an intent to exhibit unique flair and talent,Witty International School,Udaipur conducted an interactive and engaging online 'Club Orientation Session' for the students of grade V - XII (CBSE and CAIE) on 5th Sept,2020.

The school has initiated various clubs to promote the interests and inclination of  students by participating into various activities. The distinct clubs namely: Symphony,Infinity,Titans,ROFL,Literati,Picasso, Pixelate, LabRats, Mathletes,Spotlight, Awaaz and Techtronix aim to provide   

a platform and opportunity to unleash and display their skills.

 The clubs formed are for the students,of the students and by the students. The mentors will guide and groom the students as advisors and facilitators,encouraging  them to showcase their knack and calibre through various engaging activities and sessions.

 The sheer endeavour of the clubs is to empower and equip an individual with multifarious attributes : Leadership,teamwork,Self  Confidence,Self esteem ,Social skills etc. The students will be thoroughly benefitted by participating into club of their choice,as it will help to discover a new dimension of their personality.



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