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Monday, October 12, 2020

Club Meet Session 3 by Secondary Section, IGCSE at WIS PB (2020-21)


Every school may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the performance won’t be worth a dime. The way a team plays as a whole, determines its success and Witty International School, Pawan Baug, Malad (West) completely believes in executing it in big measures through its various Saturday club activities that are wheeled  to create an opportunity for its young buddies to be inspired and to further explore through their learning in these clubs. All Wittians are given access to their clubs through a zoom meeting where they are able to communicate and interact with each other, honoured guests and their instructors!

 These clubs activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which they require in day to day life. Therefore, the school had the following activities in their sessions for the students to not only display their talent but also to enhance their potential.

Literati - the Literary Arts Club had called for Mr Niranjan Navalgund, who emphasised on the tools for writing, exercises structure in the story using my stories as an example, crowdsourcing a story habit to develop ‘The Joy of Writing’. He encouraged the students through his first activity to pick up every morning, ‘A Colour of their Choice’, and towards the end of the day, to write down all the things that they observed pertaining to the colour. His second activity was ‘To Write Down the First Things They Remembered from their Dreams’, as this may help them in writing a story. His activity three was ‘To Maintain a Journal’. He asked them to use it to write about their day, dreams, stories, poems, ideas and thoughts.

Symphony - the Music Club conducted an activity which was based on vocal exercises that helped the students in breathing techniques for singing.

Titans - the Sports club organized ‘Endurance and Drill training session’ which was conducted to take up exercises to pick up varieties. Variety is the key to making gains in one's fitness- and losses on the scale, and the student enjoyed it thoroughly during the session.

ROFL - the Comedy Club took up the privilege to invite Mr. Sagar Punjabi who was the guest for the club activity. He is a comedian by profession. He shared with the students the knowledge about how they are supposed to act and why they need to have a character particularly in comedy which was a very new aspect for them to learn. He also shared with them a lot of information about how to set up punch in even a common word which was very informative and students had a lot of fun and learning!

Picasso – the Art Club did the honours with a guest, Ms. Nupoor Dutta who took up a session on how to reuse the newspaper, what kind of item can be made from a newspaper. She herself made a newspaper pen and gave a demo to the students. The activity was to ‘Read, Reuse, Recycle’. It was an enriching experience for the students.

Pixelate – the Photography Club went ahead with an activity, ‘Into the woods’. It was a wildlife photography session. Mr Nitin Desai, a professional wildlife photographer was invited who briefed the students about what wildlife photography is and what one should be doing while they are in the jungle.

Lab rats – the Science Club had a guest session. Prof. Kunj Joshi was called to do the honours. He conducted two experiments, one was the ‘Effect of Salt on Density’ and the other was ‘Osmotic Movement’. Students learned about the concepts of osmosis and also how salt affects the density of water.

Mathletes – the Math Club took up a Math-a-logic puzzle – Kakuro

Infinity - In the Dance Club, students were asked to convert their daily life activities into dance moves. In fact,   all these moves were given by a few students which were later, collected and polished into a dance which proved to be a beautiful innovative choreography.

Spotlight – the Theatre Club gave tips on acting and theatre and conducted a few exercises, which would certainly make the students more confident in their acting.

Aawaz - This club had a ‘Mask Making” activity. Students, from their old t-shirts, practically created the most effective filters which could catch and stop any virus from entering one’s body. These masks were later donated to the needy. Also, there were two videos shown, one of Mr. Afroz Shah who started the world's largest beach clean-up drive and the other was about the condition of the Deonar, the largest dumping ground in Mumbai. 

Techtronix - Tech Club rocked with CS First which is one of the many Google initiatives. It is a free web-based program that exposed students to computer science through video tutorials and modules. Further, the instructor went ahead with an activity "Create your own Google Logo" that allowed the students to bring the Google logo to life using code, programming, and design. They were able to design their own logos using their creative skills and imagination. This activity was a combination of fun, imagination, creativity, and freedom of expression! Students were thrilled!

At WIS, School clubs help students to develop their social skills. They fine-tune their interactions with their peers, guests, and faculty members. They have the opportunity to connect with other students who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basis for enduring friendships also.



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