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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Club Meet 6th Session of Secondary Section (2020-21), WIS, PB

 Witty International School, PawanBaug, Malad (West) Saturday clubs rocked in their sixth club session with tons of joy, smiles, and learning. Seasoned with enthusiasm and bubbling with vigour, Wittians readily honeyed their club activities to retain some prized memories of 2020 Christmas beginning! This awesome Christmas celebration and New Year's Eve made Wittians to roll back to the happy times, and once again to fill the air with alacrity.

 This festive mood and wintry chilling days pounded the excitement in the Wittians and they blended some spicy and sweet flavours to all their WIS clubs. Then came up the Wittians, with varied and spirited activities to make their every moment zestful, like Symphony club members and Literati club members sang to their heart-fill Christmas carols. Spotlight Theatre Club members tempered their visages with the science of emotions to better their enactment. ROFL Comedy Club members learnt story writing techniques. Lab Rats young Wittian scientists learned through experiments and games, when Awaaz augmented the creativity of Wittians with paper bag making and compost making activity. Picasso Art Club artists spoke the festive mood without words but for their drawings that expressed volumes. Pixelate touched elements of photoshop in their shoots of vales and mountains, thereby reflecting a great juxtaposition in their pics. Mathletes Vedic Math helped the members to learn to come up prompt intelligent decisions not only to solve simple but also complex mathematical problems. Techtronix taught its members Python so as to allow them to think like a programmer and not waste time with confusing syntax. Infinity made Wittians tap on urban style dancing. Such was the journey of WIS clubs when the Wittians strode with pride to ride for 2021 learning with the same motto, “Work done by several associates with each one doing a part to make the wall of learning strong and thickly cemented.”



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