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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Workshop on Confectionery, Secondary Section (2020-21), WIS, PB


Whenever we talk about a birthday party or any such celebration, the first thing that clicks our minds is ‘CAKE’. Every child has a special sweet tooth for cakes! Cakes filled up with loads of rich chocolate, Choco chips, whipped cream and icing is their all-time favorite. Truly scrumptious!

As part of our endeavor to expose our students to a variety of activities, the school had organized an online, interesting workshop on Confectionery by an enterprising guest, Ms. Tejal Gada. It was a two hour workshop for grade 7 on Saturday, 16th January 2021. Students were informed about the ingredients and other requirements in advance. Mrs. Gada demonstrated two lip-smacking desserts- No bake Chocolate Cake and Cookie dough truffles. Along with the procedure, tips about kitchen hygiene were explained to the young chefs. The energetic entrepreneur also paid special attention to Dessert Presentation and Plating Desserts. The activity was learning through fun.

The passion and zeal for baking made the students actively take part in the workshop. The workshop had a positive atmosphere and it was an absolute pleasure to watch kids who shared the same passion.  Mrs. Gada patiently answered all the interesting questions that came from the students. The smile on everyone’s face made all the hard work that went into the workshop worth it.  What a lovely hands-on experience!! The workshop was super fun and the cakes were even more yumm. 



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