Witty World

Friday, June 25, 2021

Red Day Celebration by Jr. KG Section 21-22, Witty World,Goregaon East.

 Red is a stop sign,
Red is a rose,
Red is an apple,
And a funny clown’s nose!

Red is one of the warmest colour. Red is also the colour of power and courage. 
“Red day” was virtually celebrated on 25th June 2021 where all the little Wittians and teachers of Junior KG section were dressed up beautifully in red colour clothes. 
Teachers displayed red colour objects like red cherries, red bag, red strawberries, red apples etc. 
The following day was continued with an introduction of Red color. Children enjoyed listening to story related to the colour red. It was indeed a fun-filled ‘Red day’!



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