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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Darpan - Hindi Diwas, Primary Section, IGCSE, WIS PB (2021- 22)

हिंदीमेराईमानहै, हिंदीमेरीपहचानहै।

हिंदीहूँमैं, वतनभीमेराप्याराहिंदुस्तानहै।

These words rightly express the love for Hindi language in our country. Hindi Diwas is officially observed on the 14th of September across India.

Witty International School, PB, Primay Section celebrated Hindi Diwas on Saturday, 18th September 2021 to propagate Hindi language and encourage students to feel proud in speaking this language. Witty believes that each student has some hidden talent which needs to be nurtured properly and must be given a platform to showcase their multi-dimensional talents. As a part of celebrating Hindi Diwas, various competitions were held across all the gradeswith much fanfare and enthusiasm. 

Wittians showcased outstanding performances in elocution, presented advertisement campaigns, narrated classic stories with a twist, participated in a fancy-dress competition and enacted as any character of Roald Dahl in Hindi.

The competitions were held with great gusto, wherein the enthusiastic students were appreciated for their hard work and participation.



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