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Friday, January 20, 2012

Jr. Kg. Field Trip to Nehru Science Centre


The children of Junior Kg. were taken for a field trip to The Nehru Science Centre in Worli on Saturday, 10th of December, 2011.

The theme for the children of Junior Kg. during the month of December was Natural Giants, Man-made Giants and Big-Bigger-Biggest. For the better understanding of this concept, they were taken for a field trip to the Nehru Science Centre.

On the way to the Nehru Science Centre, children were shown the Worli Sea-link Bridge and were given the information about it also being one of the man-made giants in the city of Mumbai. They were also shown the various skyscrapers and explained about them too being Man-made giants.

At the Nehru Science Centre, children were taken for a Science show, where children were shown natural giants such as the Niagara waterfalls, which is the largest waterfall on Earth. The children were also shown the visuals of the Sahara desert in Africa and Amazon forest in South America. An explanation about the animals in the Amazon forest, such as elephants, hippopotamus, giraffe, different varieties of monkeys, lion, snake, different varieties of birds, bugs and tall trees was also provided. These visuals helped the children to co-relate with the teaching concepts of Natural Giants and Big-Bigger-Biggest. The show also included visuals about the Tibetan Civilization. The last part of the show was about the beauty and wealth of nature.

The field trip was highly effective in making the children understand about the concept of the month. Moreover, they had great fun as it was a different kind of an experience for them.



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