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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eco Knights - Nature Club, WIS Yeola

Eco Knights - Nature Club --- WIS Yeola

With the advent of a novel intention clubbing with nature conservation the students of WITTY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,YEOLA,NASHIK  ignited the minds of the people at Yeola by opening a nature club named ECO KNIGHTS.The  Precident,Chairman and Council members were of the opinion that this club would aim at the recycling of wastes, reusing of materials, preserving the natural resources ,using compost and biogas ,rain water harvest ,  usage of  solar equipments and proper disposal of wastes.   They assured that this club would work as  strong horses as the name indicates , for the betterment of our ecosystem. The club was inaugurated by The principal  Dr.Mahesh.Iyer , scissoring a huge greeting card made by using waste materials. On his inaugural address he opined that it is our moral duty to educate the people about the conservation of our earth by planting of trees. The Director of the school Dr.Rajesh Patel ,  the advisor of the club  Ms.Shubhangi Shinde and all the teachers wished them  the best and promised to co  operate  for   building a successful ecosystem. As the prime activity the students planted many trees in  the school premises which was an eye opener for the viewers.  




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