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Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Day Celebration Nursery [13-14] WIS,Malad

                                                  Green Day

The closest examples kids follow in their lives are choices made by their parents and teachers. As a parent and teacher, we know that kids should not sit inside all day watching TV and playing video games, but sometimes that's an easy option. Children are missing out on the sheer joy and physical and mental well-being of being able to play outside and experience nature in all its messiness. That we could call "green play" or 'Nature Play'. . One of the most important things about getting kids to be “green thinkers” is to get them more involved outside. Be it a football game on green grass or relaxing on a hammock tied on the green tree…

Everybody is aware of the fact that kids are the future! To teach colour is a challenge but at the same time satisfying as children could associate colour green with many things around them. There were several activities planned to encourage green behaviour in children . Nursery section celebrated ‘Green Day’ on 1st of August, 2013. It was rightly planned during the Monsoon as our ‘Mother Earth’ is spilling ‘Colour Green’ everywhere around us.

To make children ‘Green thinkers’ ,the classrooms were decorated with green colour cutouts. Teachers , Mausi and children were asked to wear green colour clothes. Further, to make lessons more interesting, concrete objects, flashcards were introduced. Children also coloured Green colour in the round about book.
Teacher also mentioned the fact about Children’s favourite super hero ‘Hulk’ is also a ‘Green man’!

Finally there was a sense of satisfaction as Children enjoyed it to core!




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