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Monday, August 5, 2013

Blue Day Celebration Nursery [13-14] WIS,Malad

'Blue Day '!

  Childhood experiences can have a long lasting implication, for one's future! The earliest years of schooling can promote positive developmental experiences and independence while optimizing learning and development.

  One of the most interesting and perhaps the hardest concepts to teach a child is 'colours'. But at the same time they love any thing bright and colourful, isn't the fact very interesting?

    To help children remember and internalise the colour Blue, students of WIS , Nursery section celebrated Blue colour Day  on 16th of July , 2013, Tuesday. The children   came to school dressed in Blue colour outfit. The classrooms were decorated with Blue colour hangings. Children were shown different objects of Blue colour and followed by singing rhyme.

                                               Dip  dip , my blue ship,

                                               Sailing in the water,

                                               Like a cup and saucer 

                                               Dip dip  dip...

Children enjoyed the day to the core.




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