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Monday, August 5, 2013

Investiture Ceremony [2013-14] WIS,Malad

Witty International School, Malad – Investiture Ceremony 2013-14

To celebrate the creation of a new set of leaders; who are invested with the power to make a difference ‘The Investiture Ceremony ‘of Witty International School for the academic session 2013-2014 was held in a special observance at the school premises. 

Formal procedure began with the welcome band by the students and in the process student body was officially handed over their duties and responsibilities by giving away the scarf and badges. This ceremony was conducted with apposite and ceremonial handing over of school and house flags, symbolizing that the student has been officially given responsibility for upholding their honour.

Mukund Ruia & Yashvi Agarwal became the Head Boy and Head Girl , Shoiab Shaikh was made the Sports Captain. Following members were selected as house captains and vice captains

Ayush Shah
Kavya pandit
Sambhav Singh
Vidisha Jain
Naman Shah
Anurag Tiwari
Rishabh Nanawati
Preksha Jain

After the council had taken the oath of office, compeer Ms  Aanchal Singhania, on behalf of all the council members, read out the tenets of the Essential Agreements of their office. This was followed by a soul-stirring and enthusiastic Leadership  ambience. All the guests addressed a few words to the assembled congregation.

With pride and a sense of achievement surging in their hearts, the school authorities listened with bated breath as the dignitaries delivered a motivational speech, urging them to have a clear conscience while delineating their duties. It also emphasized the pressing need to uphold the school ‘Vows of Wittians ‘and also stressed on the importance of honesty, integrity and loyalty as vital qualities for positions of dignity. With these responsibilities placed on their firm shoulders, the newly appointed office-bearers silently vowed to act as role models for the rest of the school to emulate. Principal Mr Kurien said -  ‘Leaders needs to be followers, they should model the act. He stressed that this kind of responsibilities given to the students develop leadership qualities, confidence, communication & decision making skills to shape them into future leaders. Student’s hard work prior this appointment for canvassing and excitement pertaining to same was also highlighted

Dignitaries expressed their greetings to the newly elected student council members on this special occasion and congratulated the students and teachers for their wonderful efforts and wished them good luck for all their future endeavors.

The event was presided over by the school managing trustee Dr Raina jain, Principal Mr Bijo Kurien, Head Mistress Dr Sabina Keshwani,  Sports Coordinator Mr Pradeep Singh, Secondary Coordinator Ms Swapna Shaji, ex council members, students and teachers of the secondary section .

The momentous ceremony ended with the ‘Congratulation song” and the National Anthem. Smiling and jubilant, student council team marched ahead immediately to take on their new office.




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